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Laconia, a continuously inhabited land from paleolithic times, is full of natural beauty and history. Visit museums and monasteries, enchanting footpaths and mountain routes and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the beautiful sea






Places to visit

The following are just a few of the places you can visit during yur stay with us.
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Local Places

Elia, Archangelos, Asopos

These villages belong to the district of Epidaurus Limira, named after the Mycenaean city of the same name. Archangelos is a picturesque fishing village with access to many small isolated caves. Elia (ancient Viandini of Mycenaean times) has developed in recent years as a summer resort and offers, pizza restaurants, bars, fish tavernas. Asopos is a village which stands near a dried out river from where it gets its name. Here you can shop for all your basic needs at small supermarkets, bakeries, general store, etc.

Gerakas, Aghios Ioannis,

A The villages of Aghios Ioannis and Gerakas are two other picturesque towns in the district of Epidaurus Limira on the side overlooking the Gulf of Epidaurus Limira. Here you can enjoy spectacular local dishes like fish and traditional Greek cuisine in beautiful surroundings.


No person should miss a short excursion to Monemvasia and walk along the cobblestone paths in the old castle while browsing at the picturesque shops inside the castle. This medieval fortress town was built on an imposing 328 metre-high rock joined to the mainland by a narrow causeway. Its narrow paths are extremely crowded in summer months. The peak of the rock is covered in ruins but the Church of St. Sophia is still in good condition. In the lower part of the town, there are a number of restored 12th century churches. Many of the old houses have been restored in recent years, preserving the original architecture. Monemvasia was the birthplace of one of Greece's greatest poets, Yannis Ritsos who is buried in the graveyard there. His home is to be found just in side the city gates on the left , right above the ramparts. Monemvasia can be reached by Flying Dolphin and by ferry boat from Neapoli and the port of Pireaus and by bus from Athens and Sparta.


Why not spend the day in Mani which is the central prong of Southern Peloponese and which is famous for its square stone towers. It was for many centuries the wildest and most impregnable part of Greece. While many of the towers have started to fall apart, some have been converted into homes and hotels. Mani is also the site of the stalactite sea caves of Diros, just past Areopoli, and which are accessible by specially adapted boats. You can also visit cape Tenaro which is Europe's southernmost point. Mani can be reached by car from Plytra or Neapoli, as well as by the Pireaus ferry boat which stops in Neapoli.

Day Excursions to nearby Islands


Kythira is a small island which can be seen on a clear day from the large verandah of the Rose House. It is an hour's boat ride from Neapoli and this interesting island is still unspoiled by tourism and is well worth visiting. It's possible to go across for the day on the days when there are both morning and afternoon services, if you check with the ferry boat agent. The ferry boat arrives on the north part of the island at Aghia Pelagia. You can drive south via Potamos, a shady hill town, down the eastern part of the island and you can visit the broad sandy beach of Paleohora. From there you can drive further south to Hora with its ruined Venetian castle overlooking the beautiful bay of Kapsali. On the way back you can make your way along the west side of the island via Milopotamos, for a visit to its ruined city. Why not dip into the freshwater rock pool beneath the waterfall. Don't forget to bring back a jar of its famous honey which you can buy from the local shops.


The island of Elafonissos is also known as Lafonisi. In Greek this translates to "Deer Island" because its shape gave rise to comparisons with a deer's head. In the past this beautifully exotic island was joined to the mainland by a narrow neck of land and by 1806 you could wade across to it. The gradual rise in the sea level is believed to be the cause of the separation of the island from the mainland. You can visit the church of Aghios Spyridon completed in 1856 and an old chapel(the Assumption of the Virgin Mary) on the western side which was built on the ruins of a Byzantine chapel of the same name. Its exotic sandy beaches called Simos is a beach you will never forget. Today the island is a popular tourist resort and it is lined with fish restaurants so be sure to try the local specialty which is a fish soup called "kakavia" Elafonissos is reached by ferry boat from the mole on the mainland opposite the island, just after the village of Viglafia

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